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Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta will begin soon at 19:00 (PDT) of August 31st. Now the Open Beta client is available for download. You can download the OB patch (about 1.2G) and update to OB version when launching your FFXIV client. After patching the files you can see a new login screen, of course you can't play right now.



On the other hand, is considerate enough to make a manual for communication, and it will be helpful for you in the Open Beta. To communicate with others, you can use 6 different chat modes to speak. In [Say] mode, you can be heard by anyone near you; in [Party] mode, you can be heard by players in the your party; in [Linkshell](guild) channel, you can talk to those in the equipped linkshell; [Tell] mode is used to send private message while [Shout] mode is used to spread your voice to the public; if you use [Echo] mode, other players can't see your words. There are also emotes and signs in the game to express yourselves. You can choose from lots of expressions and gestures to communicate with others. Read more details here.


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