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Artwork and 18 Classes at the Release

Update #5: Section discussing the state of the beta translated.
Update #4: Section discussing future classes translated.
Update #3: This is confirmed via the JP Square Enix Press Site, which only press can view.
Update #2: Kotaku's article is up too. I'll stop list articles elsewhere for now.
Update: Famitsu published their article as well as many other JP newssites. Translation will be coming. As always, we don't give ETA's.

We've also confirmed via the Square Enix Press Site that the current 18 classes are what we'll be having at the release of FFXIV. But remember that Tanaka said more classes will be added later down the line.

GameWatch’s blurb
Translated by SteveManly

With five disciplines of war, two disciplines of magic, three of land, and eight of hand, the total number of classes that will see release for retail service is up to 18. A few new images have been added to the classes that were revealed to be available for play in the beta.

(The next paragraph is a review on the armory system... snip! --Manly)

The melee classes on the beta servers are mostly gladiators and pugilists, with the lancers being next in line in popularity. Archers are less popular since arrows are expensive for players just starting out, and the marauders, with their unwieldy axes, are rather sparse. The mage classes seem to have a balanced population, but since the crafting quests have been stopped for now, there’s not much to say about them.

Compared to other games on the market, it really appears like crafters will have a big presence in the game. There are many armor slots, so each crafting class will have its niche, and players will need these crafters to restore their equipment for them after it deteriorates to the point where its effectiveness begins to drop. There are guildleve recipes and recipes that players can discover on their own, but these recipes are still under wraps, so things that players can create are rather limited at the moment. For this reason, some recipes were released on the beta site to help alleviate the problem.

Due to server troubles, Square Enix has yet to fulfill their goal of successfully extending beta test times. Once the server troubles have died down, we’ll be bringing you more beta test play reports.

4Gamer article: Final Fantasy XIV’s 18 classes
Translated by SteveManly

Square Enix has now released the information on the 18 classes that will be available for play when retail service begins. A lot of this information has been released already.

Square Enix has revealed that not all classes will be playable during the beta, and that this is just what they have scheduled for release, so things may be subject to change. The only disciplines of land not currently available for testing are the fishermen, while the disciplines of hand that have yet to see testing are goldsmith, armorers, culinarians, and alchemists.

Additionally, there are plans to release more classes after retail service begins. Check out the information for the current 18 classes and try to predict what classes will be available in the future! (Try not to all shout “Disciples of Magic” at once –Manly)

(The rest seems to be simply descriptions about the classes, specifically the ones found on the official site. We'll post any new information if it is otherwise once we're done scanning through the text.)

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