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The purpose of this site is to attract dedicated individuals seeking to take part in the Beta Test phase of Final Fantasy XIV. Participants will be testing game balance and mechanics prior to the launch of official service, as well as submitting bug reports. We are not sell FFxiv gil now, but when the beta test of Final Fantasy XIV over, we will start to sell ffxiv gil immediately

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Thoughts On FFXIV Beta

They've said they want to motivate FFXI players to switch over to FFVIX right? So I'm thinking beta keys will probably given to people in a "First come, first serve" manner, ie, the oldest players of FFXI would be offered limited time keys first. As for people outside of the FFXI community, perhaps they can include keys in with FFXIII collector's editions.

by itbays

So I read today that they want a longer beta period then FFXI (3-4 months) but shorter than WoW (~9 months) So a beta period of 4-8 months.

I also read that it would launch after FFXIII in the US (Spring 2010). Soooo, all things considered we could see beta start as early as October of this year...pure speculation...but it sure is fun to speculate

by Lord_Anaria

They can't do it by longest-serving members of FFXI... because JP release came waaay before NA release and then EU release was much much later, would exclude certain groups completely - and it's one of the things they claimed to be addressing with simultaneous release this time round.

by dizziblondeuk

i would love to be able to be one of the select to play the beta of the new mmo from square. FFXI was great it was just bad timing on me starting it bc of certain things that were prohibiting me from fulling enjoying my time playing it

by gotinks45



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