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Once eight hours of unlimited grinding is over, XP gains will be artificially slowed

Square Enix has revealed that it will be implementing new measures in upcoming MMO Square Enix that are designed to narrow the gap between hardcore players of the genre and more casual players.

Kotaku reports that the game will allow players eight hours of unrestricted play. Once that barrier is passed, however, there will be an incremental decline in the amount of experience points players can earn over the next seven hours.

Once that time’s up, the chance to gain experience is removed. This is then reset after one week. The restriction only applies to one class, however, so players will be free to switch to another character class and level that up instead.

The game’s director Nobuaki Komoto says that the model is deigned to prevent those with less time to dedicate to the game from suffering such a notable disadvantage when compared to gamers with plenty of time to plough into the game.

It’s a curious decision from Square Enix, and one that Komoto admits could be tweaked prior to release.

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The MMO genre is synonymous with ‘grinding’ – that is, long play sessions involving repetition of tasks with the sole intention of levelling up. The genre’s dedicated fan base revels in it. Is it wise to implement measures specifically designed to block such usage, particularly when users will be paying monthly to play the game?

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FFXIV to impose gameplay time limit

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Yesterday we discussed the fatigue system in Final Fantasy XIV which caused some confuse. FFXIV's director Nobuaki Komoto has made an official statement to explain the fatigue and surplus system in detail. Nobuaki Komoto emphasized the purpose of introducing this system was to prevent players with little time to play from falling behind too much and on the other hand, to encourage those who have lots of time to try different classes. Read more details below.

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Within the first eight hours of play, you can earn 100% experience. The seven hour period following will see your possible experience gradually approach zero. This system is on a weekly timer. After a week has passed since you began skilling that particular weapon, the timer will reset. It will start anew when you skill up again. Any experience earned past that point is saved as "surplus." There is surplus for each class, and if you begin to see it please consider playing another class and adjust accordingly. However, experience points are not specific to any class and therefore the decrease in experience points is not affected by changing classes. That's how the system stands as of right now.Full Size

The decrease in earnings when gathering is based on your actions taken with that class and is unrelated to the aforementioned limits. This is also currently under review and is planned for adjustment in accordance with many testers’ opinions.Now it's clear that in one week, you can play 8 hours without any punishment but your earnings will reduce gradually to zero in the following 7 hours, means that you can play 15 hours a week with EXP earnings. So averagely it's 2 hours' gameplay for each day. On the other hand, Nobuaki Komoto pointed out that skill/experience points will increase significantly in party play and they will promote party play by giving more rewards in open beta. Thanks for the translation.


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